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Product Testimonials

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I recently climbed Kilimanjaro wearing the Sports Alpaca balaclava, baselayers, and socks. I was extremely impressed by the quality and comfort! Sports Alpaca kept me warm while still being soft, with a better than my Patagonia baselayers. Thanks for making Kili an enjoyable experience!!

Hiked up Kilimanjaro with my wife and a couple friends over Christmas. Needless to say it gets pretty dang cold when hiking at elevation. The Alapcor socks and baselayers kept me plenty warm during the hike and while sleeping at 15,000 feet! I also packed some point6 socks and Eddie Bauer baselayers and found the Alpacor gear to be superior for warmth and hiking comfort.
---Phil I

I am not a shopper, so this is an unusual note from me. However, I urge all of you, winter-weather friends, to go to and order their ALPACOR (and only ALPACOR) socks.

They are not cheap, about $10.00-13.00 a pair, but are JUST INCREDIBLE! Not only do they feel incredible, soft and silky and light (unlike my cottons and wools) but your feet don't sweat, they have NO odor, and most amazingly, the same socks that kept my feet warm & toasty all last winter are now keeping my feet cool & nice in the Florida heat.

Their website is if you want to check out their story. p.s. That's the same company/yarn that I was interested in making dog clothing from a couple of years ago.

Thought I would share. Stay warm!

Just returned from 2 days in Montreal. Bitter weather; 20 below. I wore my Alpacor Bass Pro RedHead hiking socks. My body was very cold. My feet were toasty warm and dry. Amazing. I will not go back to merino. These socks are really special.

I practice rowing. Two years ago, I received as a gift two pairs of socks made by this company. After two US North East winters of use, I can say that I love these Alpaca yarn socks because of their highly
thermal isolation, impermeability, and exceptional softness. Also, they have been exposed to frequent full machine washing and drying without shrink or peal.

I was just recently introduced to these incredible soft, comfortbale, warm and stylish socks. I went on a family vacation to Georgia where the weather was 20 degrees with wind chills of 9. The socks did the job kept my footwarm and comfortbale throughout the whole trip. I am already preparing myself to buy more socks... These are a must have.
---Phillip Medina

I excercise about 5 times per week at the gym and have been wearing your socks for the past several weeks. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Even after they have been washed (which I have heard is not necessary to often)several times they still hold their shape & are as soft and comfotable as when they were new!
---Stan Bershad

My husband has very peculiar feet...for years the ONLY socks he could stand were cotton. He's an athlete and has tried a myriad of hi-tech socks over the years and could always "feel" them, like saran wrap, and couldn't wait to take them off at the end of an event. He says the RedHead alpacor socks are "the best socks he ever had". Pliant, absorbant, soft and so comfortable he can't wait to put them ON even on just a cold day here in the mountains. Thank you Bass Pro And by the way, I myself, a 30-year Floridian currently residing in the freezing, snow bound Western North Carolina mountains, swear by my SportsAlpaca underpants and undershirts. I NEVER feel the cold in my limbs even working in 10 and 20... degree weather. I have your socks, your hat, your gloves, too. I can't wait for something for my nose and ears from you and then life will be complete! And even more amazingly, I don't sweat in it, and if I do, I don't smell it and can wear your soft, light and incredibly protective wear for a week at a time!
--- Agai

We have used smart wool for over 10 years and your product is great.
--- Farley

I've had my Alpacor socks for over a month and wear them almost daily for exercising and to keep me warm in the cold Miami nights. When I am not wearing them, my husband wears them and he keeps insisting me to find out when and where sports shirts made of the same soft, comfortable fabric will be available.
--- Maria, West Miami, FL

We introduced Alpacor base layer products and accessories into the entire Canadian Market in 2009. We are very pleased with our initial success and the customer interest in Alpacor fabric. We are pleasantly surprised by the early successes into the glove market. We also introduced socks and of course, our strength, base layer products.

Alpacor is a great alternative to the merino wool suppliers. It provides far better performance characteristics and it has a much softer hand. The natural/technical story is key to its success. The natural properties and characteristics of the Alpaca hair combined with the technical characteristics of the Alpacor yarn make it a unique proposition. Naturally anti microbial, and hypoallergenic are two key items in its differentiation versus Merino Wool suppliers.Our customers are looking for new ideas and innovation. Alpacor is this message.

We have branded Alpacor under our Polar-therm brand in Canada. It is a logical place for it to be, at the top of the largest winter underwear base layer supplier in Canada. It will be important to be innovative in the yarn technology and Alpacor fabrics, and we, at Stanfield's Limited look forward to working with our partners at Sports Alpaca to make Alpacor a household name in base layer products and accessories here in Canada.

We have done few changes for 2010, but we look forward to introducing new technologies in Alpacor as we expand in 2011.

--- Jon D.F. Stanfield, President, Stanfield's Canada

After logging almost 45 miles on the Alpacor socks training in the month of October in the hot and humid South Florida weather, I decided to try the same socks at Ironman Florida two weeks ago at Panama City, Florida. After the marathon, the feet felt dry and great. Next day I checked the socks and they were still in good shape!!I thought after over 70 miles they were ready for garbage, but they are in good shape. I'm doing January 31st, ING Miami Marathon, so I'm putting more miles on the socks and they still are in one piece!! I will let you know when they start coming apart...if they will.
---Alex Lipzer, Key Biscayne,FL

We arrived in Denali this afternoon, its just amazing, we have great weather so far, in Vancouer it was Indian Summer, first few stops the weather was perfect, when we got to Sitka, there was a few moments of light rain, however in the afternoon, it poured and it hailed we got soaked all the passenger looked like wet cats, but I just had to tell you the Sports Alpaca socks worked like a charm, my feet stayed dry and warm. Just this afternoon I spoke with a lady about the rain in Sitka and she said her feet were cold and wet regardless of what type of socks she had tried and was now wearing. I am now wearing the Sports Alpaca socks every day . .

Greetings! My name is Joaquin Ruiz and I am a maintenance engineer at the Towers of Key on the ocean, Key Biscayne, Florida. For the time period of five days and 10 hours in the hottest month of August I had the privilege of wearing the Alpacor socks in tough circumstances. My feet didn’t sweat. I did not wash the socks but still they remained odorless and fresh. The Alpacor Sport socks are very comfortable. These socks make your foot feel soothed, and snug as a rug even in the hottest and most active work conditions. I do wish I had seen this product before. It would have made a difference to many things including my performance at work. Thank you creators of the Alpacor Sport socks! They are great!
---Joaquin Ruiz, Miami, Florida

I am the CEO of a Vail, Colorado company specializing in bringing corporate people to Vail on reward vacations. My personal passion is skiing. I have, at one time or another, worn and tested every conceivable brand of skiwear including jackets, pants and of course, socks. My skiing ability leads me to demand serious performance from my clothing. I can state without hesitation that the Alpacor socks I currently wear, manufactured by Sports Alpaca are the very best I have ever worn and supply more performance, comfort than all of the competitors including Smart Wool and Thorlo, winter and summer included More importantly, I have worn base layer manufactured by every conceivable maker and can state without equivocation that the products manufactured with the Alpacor yarns and fabrics are superior to every competing brand. Warmer, dryer, odor free, easy to wash, easy to wear and one hell of a performance product.
---Vail Pro

I’m a store manager in Miami. I was given the chance to wear these new Alpacor socks and have to say they are very different than cotton socks, they don’t get stiff like cotton, plus they have a unique soft and spongy quality that is very comfortable. On top of that I noticed my feet don’t sweat like they do with cotton socks, and you can where these things multiple days without washing, unheard of with cotton, even in hot weather areas like Miami. I just wanted to add a positive note about these socks to anyone interested to let them know that these are truly special and something they have to try.
----Mark Baxter, Store Manager - Miami

I have been wearing my new Alpacor socke for 7 days now with out washing them and these socks are amazing, they really do seem fresh each day and my feet don't feel sweaty!, Usually when I get home at the end of the day I want to rip my shoes off because my feet seem hot and sweaty, but with these socks my feet feel fresh and ready for more, each morning I put them on I'm amazed how the fibers are still springy and lively, they feel washed. and no odor , amazing!! I think you got something really cool here, keep up the good work....!!!
---Justin P.

Hello, My name is Carlos and I was the guide on the hirambingham train. I write because i have wearing the shirt you gave me to wear on the train,Besides being a guide on the train I work for local outfitters here in Peru,I get to walk at high and cold environs leading trekking tours,Salkantay ,Ausangate,Inka trail ,lares etc,etc. At the same time I lead mountain biking trips and race mountain bikes,as i probably told you before ,riding my bike is te best way I get to enjoy the mountains. I also go kayaking .

In my more than 12 years leadingtours in the outdoors ,I have wear many different brand names, patagonia, lowe, X ,nike, etc, etc, and I can tell STANFIELDS is the best so far. It is very nice and warm when in windy-cold weather, is perfect when I walk or ride my bike at high altitude ,ilke the softness when the fiber touches my skin, it feels like a hot chocolate on the skin. When I come out of the water from my kayac, I feel the need to get my shirt. As you can see I wear the shirt and some socks under the worstconditions, I have literally abused them, the shirt is almost intact and does the job as a brand new.

The socks, I have recently took them all brand new to a trip, Treking for 5 days I walked wearing sandals(Tevas) and my socks-just to give them a try as I promise-, They are nice and warm, I never missed my hiking boots but I would loved them to be in a darker color (they were white once). Also when I get to ride my bike the socks get dirty very fast , mud and dirt everywhere.!!!

I am very thankful for letting me wear your product , it is simple perfect for me,the weather were I live, they really fit my life style. Thnak you very much, I speak to all my clients about them!! Canadian specially like them a lot.

These weekend is the Megavalanche a super MTB race that takes place here in Ollantaytambo,I have training for it and planning to stand on the podium again, I got third 2007 and 2008, if I make it to the end line.......

Saludos desde Peru - Carlos Unda
Habitats Peru SRL - Small Groups and Adventures

Nice to hear from you again. There is no problem to have the cape and the alpaquitas in 3 weeks. Your socks are wonderfull, I am using right now one of them. I think are the best socks I ever used, Thank you.
---Carlos Flecha

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